Monday, April 21, 2008

Swiping Harmonicas Leads to a Better Life

I'm not one to promote stealing as a way to better one's life. However, in the case of one man, I think I need to make an exception.

Brecksville - John Feckanin never left home without his harmonica.
The Brecksville resident, who died Feb. 19 at age 88, played little ditties at taverns, nursing homes and flea markets. He often carried along lots of mouth organs to sell or give away.
"I think he thought everybody in the world should play the harmonica," said his wife, Ann. "He never read a note of music, but he was just very talented."
As a child growing up in the North Broadway area of the city, Feckanin became fascinated with his older brother's harmonica. At age 11, he swiped it and began teaching himself to play some tunes.

Read more about the impact of the harmonica on Feckanin's life.

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