Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just a Feelin': John Lee Played Harmonica?

In yesterday's GO section of the Gazette, you might have read:

"An exhibit of historic photos, such as this one of blues great and harmonica blower John Lee Hooker, will be part of the Pikes Peak Big Harp Blowdown at Venue 515 in Manitou Springs.

Honestly, John Lee is not the first name (probably not the 5oth either) that comes to mind when I think of blues harmonica greats.

Well, thanks to your friend and mine, Google, it does appear that on some occasional, John Lee was blowing the Mississipi Saxophone, as evidenced by this photo:

Furthermore, you can see and listen to him on this clip from the American Blues Festival, circa early 60's; a mini harp blowdown of its own, featuring Big Mama Thorton, Big Walter, John Lee, and JB Lenoir.

Now that's the feelin' I'm talking about.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Confessin' the Blues

Yeah, I must confess: there are so many great blues harmonica players in Colorado, to put on a show that features just three of them is nothing short of a crime. A true Blues Harp Blowdown ought to run 24 hours; that way, we could showcase all the excellent blowers in this state.

To those of you--and you know who you are--not on the bill, you "Know it Ain't Right" and I hope to have "One More Chance With You" on a future gig.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Crazy Mixed Up World

I never knew Darth had it in him: